Sunday, July 18, 2010

The world traveler returns

So Devan finally returned this weekend. On Saturday night she came home from visiting Paris and Barcellona with her grandparents, sister and cousin. She had an amazing time and has so many stories to share! Devan had been gone for two weeks and I was so happy to see her I couldn't stand it. So as soon as she got back to her grandma's house I drove over and picked her up. The poor girl was so wiped out she passed out on the couch while showing me her pictures. This was a once in a lifetime experience for her and I'm so glad she was able to go!
Sy is on his second stop before he goes over seas. He arrived in sticky, sweaty, humid and hot Georgia on Thursday. Luckily his group was able to get registered in the next group heading to Kuwait. He will leave on Friday the 23rd and will be gone for four months when he is then eligible for his first two week visit at home. We have been using Skype to talk to him and it is an amazing invention. I love being able to see him and talk to him. The girls think it's pretty cool to see his face and their faces on the computer screen! We all miss him greatly, but we are doing what he asked and staying the course. My new course is to train for a half marathon in November. I'm super excited and hope I can get it done! I know Sy will be so proud of me and I will feel so good about myself! The girls are getting ready for school to start, some of them are excited, some not so much. But we are all looking forward to being busy again! It's going to be a good year for us all!

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